Pré du cerf

In the small village of Smuid, in the heart of the Ardennes and Haute-Lesse forests, Laurence and Luc-Emmanuel de Hults welcome you to their charming cottages.

On the edge of the Mirwart and Saint-Hubert forests lies the cottages constructed
of local stone, as well as slates and cladding of oak and were designed by Luc-Emmanuel, interior designer.

Great care given to the cottage’s furnishing and construction materials creates an inviting ambiance which incorporates both authentic and contemporary elements.

For a weekend or more, the cottages can accommodate 14 guests for "Le Noyer" and 12 guests for "Le Châtaignier".

“Le Pré du Cerf” allows you to take advantage of all the pleasures of a region that has conserved its authenticity. 

Rue de Libin 10A & 11   6890 SMUID   -  +32473 39 22 93   -  CONTACT@LEPREDUCERF.BE - Website by Akimedia - The rental of the furniture corresponds to 15% of the rent - Mentions Légales